Helichrysum bracteatum

Strawflower or Everlasting flower

This plant attracts the following butterflies:

Common Blue, Gatekeeper, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White.

Memorable images of 2003:

thumbnail link Small Tortoiseshell. August 16.

thumbnail link Common Blue. August 22.

thumbnail link Gatekeeper. August 8.

Past Images:

Small Tortoisehsell on Helichrysum Small Tortoiseshell. September 2002.

Common Blue Common Blue. 20 August 2000.

Small White Small White. 2001. (No full size image available).


I have bought 'Hot Bikini' seed. These are shorter, sturdier plants with bright red-orange flowers. I grew them from seed sown on March 15 2000 and planted them outside in the middle of May. There were four plants still flowering in December, which I photographed surrounded by snow.

I've also photographed a tiny moth called Pyrausta aurata on Helichrysum. It's a day-flying moth which I've seen in both the Cirencester and Wiltshire gardens.

Reference Section

Plant Type: half-hardy annual

Flowers from June/July until winter rains destroy

Height: 30cm-1.2m (1-4ft)
Spread: 15-30cm (6-12ins)

Tall varieties need support.

Cut some buds and dry in airing cupboard for use in winter dried flower arrangements.

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