Wednesday, March 31

A Comma came to visit the Muscari in the back garden. THere were 2-3 Small Tortoiseshells on the Muscari and also visiting Forget-me-not and Dandelion. I didn't get close enough to confirm but I think that a Small Tortoiseshell was feeding on Primrose, Daffodil and Daisy flowers too.

Later spotted 3 Small Tortoiseshells, including one on Aubrieta. I found a Peacock visiting the Muscari too.

Tuesday, March 30

Small Tortoiseshell on Muscari in back garden. A second Small Tortoiseshell turned up. One was on a Forget-me-not and the other on the Muscari. Later I photographed a Small Tortoiseshell on a Dandelion. Then I found a Peacock basking on a paving slab and a few hours later, there was a Peacock on Muscari growing in a trough.

Monday, March 29

Small Tortoiseshell on the boundary of my back garden today.

Monday, March 22

Disturbed a butterfly in my back garden today. I had no idea that it was there. I was taking kitchen peelings out to the compost bin. I didn't get a good view but I think it was a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly.

Tuesday, March 16

A Brimstone butterfly flew past the kitchen window this morning. Later I saw a pair of butterflies in courtship display flight. They were too far away for a proper identification and a gust of wind blew them away from me, but I sensed that they were Small Tortoiseshells. These were my first sightings this year.

I spent most of the day in the garden: pruning Buddleia, Hyssop and Lavender; removing the dead flower stalks of Sedums and Scabious; pulling up weeds and planning where I want to move plants. Cheltenham recorded one of the highest temperatures today at 17 degrees centigrade, which implies that it was near that temperature here in Cirencester.

Saturday, March 13

The snow is clearing today. More than an inch of snow fell during Thursday night. This is a rare event in southern England. What's the damage in my garden? The Choisya was flattened; the weight of the snow broke the stems. My Hebes were still under horticultural fleece so perhaps they will have survived.

I have yet to see a butterfly this year. My earliest sighting in the past was on March 7.