Monday, April 26

Two white butterflies were tumbling around one another as they flew over my back garden this afternoon. One went over the wall but the other stayed. It paid a fleeting visit to Forget-me-nots where I saw that it was a Green-veined White.

3 Orange Tips flew over this morning.

Sunday, April 25

A Brimstone and a Small White landed in the garden today for a short while. At least 3 times I saw a male Orange Tip fly over.
The Choisya ternata is beginning to flower and the Pot Marigolds too.

Saturday, April 24

I've seen several butterflies today at a distance. On this beautiful sunny morning, I went to Cricklade and walked to North Meadow to see the Fritillaries - flowers not butterflies. As I left the meadows there was a Peacock butterfly nearby.
Spent the afternoon working in my garden. Saw a Brimstone pass by and a brown one which I'm fairly certain was a Speckled Wood.

Thursday, April 22

I've spent the day working in the garden but was distracted at lunchtime by the arrival of a visitor - a male Orange Tip landed amongst the Daisies in the grass just a couple of feet away. I ran for my camera and he led me on a merry chase around the garden visiting Alliums and Forget-me-nots. I did not see him feeding. I think he just wanted to rest in the sunshine and since the Alliums and Daisies are white flowers, I think he was trying to camoflage himself. He stayed a long time - I gave up and went for lunch! In the afternoon I saw a brown winged butterfly pass by and then later another; think the second one may have been a Speckled Wood but that's just a guess.

Wednesday, April 14

A Large White fluttered over the back garden this morning but decided not to stop. A Comma butterfly was feeding on Forget-me-not. A few minutes later, a cloud cast a shadow over the garden and the Comma rested on my Pittosporum. I photographed the Comma with it's wings open but as I crept nearer, it shut it's wings displaying the mark which gives the Comma it's name.

Monday, April 12

Saw a Peacock butterfly feeding on a Dandelion as I walked home past the Roman Amphitheatre this morning. Found several Small Tortoiseshells (including one on a Dandelion) beside the footpath near to my home a few minutes later. No butterflies in my garden though.

Friday, April 9

A Peacock was feeding on Forget-me-not and Muscari. (Not one of my better pictures but here for the record.)

The plants are growing well. We have had April showers and no sightings of butterflies since my last journal entry a week ago.

Friday, April 2

The Buddleia web pages have improved navigation. Extracted a muddy label from the ground so that I could identify and create a page for Buddleia 'Pink Pearl'.

I photographed a Small Tortoiseshell on a Skimmia. Skimmia bushes require acid soil and I live in an alkaline area; consequently I'm growing my 3 Skimmias in pots. They need some fresh compost; the yellowing leaves show that they are not healthy plants at the moment.
Also saw a Small Tortoiseshell on Muscari today.