Friday, April 29

Found a Large White butterfly on the Honesty this afternoon.

Large White butterfly on Honesty

Frustration! I went out into the back garden to photograph the white butterfly on the Aubrieta. I didn't think it was going to be particularly exciting so I didn't hurry; however it was a female Orange Tip butterfly, which is an unusual visitor, and I was too late to get a photo.

However, I then saw blue wings and did get this photo of a Holly Blue butterfly on Forget-me-not.

Holly Blue butterfly

I saw white wings at the other side of the garden and went to investigate - could it be the female Orange Tip still around? Then, a larger white butterfly flew in and landed on another forget-me-not, so I thought I'd get a photo of the "Large White" but when I got nearer, I saw that it was a female Brimstone butterfly. I missed that photo too!

Whilst still standing there in the sunshine, there was a movement of brown wings and this time I did the picture of a Speckled Wood butterfly resting on the Elaeagnus.

Speckled Wood butterfly

Sunday, April 24

A Holly Blue butterfly was the mid-afternoon arrival. It landed on my Choisya.

Holly Blue butterfly

I was watching a Green-veined White butterfly feeding on a Dandelion in the lawn this lunchtime.

Green-veined White butterfly

I noticed a Brimstone butterfly come to feed on the Honesty.

Brimstone butterfly on Honesty

The Green-veined White decided to chase the Brimstone. The Brimstone thne gave chase to the Green-veined White. I stood watching. Eventually, the Brimstone butterfly decided to stop for a rest and settled on the fresh new leaves of Forsythia, nicely camoflaged.

Brimstone butterfly

Friday, April 22

A Large White butterfly was resting on my Lemon Balm this morning but it didn't like the look of this human approaching with a camera. It thought it would hide among the Allium triclinium(?) which is where I photographed it.

Large White butterfly

Wherever I look I see Dandelions. Although they are a butterfly plant, I don't really want them in excess; I set about digging up some of the Dandelions today.

Thursday, April 21

A Green-veined White butterfly was trying to hide in my garden this lunchtime. This first photo was taken from my porch.

Green-veined White butterfly

The plants (in the photo) are Sweet Williams that I bought a few weeks ago and are still in their polystyrene tray resting on the soil in a large flowerpot. The Green-veined White butterfly was using the polystyrene tray as camoflage. I am surprised that I saw the butterfly. Here's a closer view.

Green-veined White butterfly

Tuesday, April 19

I saw a Brimstone butterfly today. I was walking through Cirencester Park about lunchtime when I saw this Brimstone come down to the ground below one of the Chestnut trees. Realizing that it must have landed, I went over to take a closer look. I couldn't see it initially but I knew it had to be there, so I looked harder. It was hidden in the grass, hanging from a Violet - I believe it was feeding on the Violet flower. Wish I'd had my camera with me.

Thursday, April 14

The weeds are growing. Now's the time to get out in the garden and remove them. A weed is any plant that is growing in the wrong place, so I regard Roses as weeds! I spent part of the morning removing Cleavers, Nettles and Dandelions from the back garden. The new shoots of perennials are coming up now, which makes it easier to see where there are gaps to be filled. Haven't seen a butterfly for some days. I'm hoping that one will spot the Honesty that's in flower.