Thursday, September 16

Two Comma butterflies were battling against the wind in the back garden. One was on Verbena bonariensis, the other was down around the Sedum spectabile.

Wednesday, September 15

Back in Cirencester in time for my 50th birthday! This break from my treatment is only for a few days. There's still more chemotherapy to come.

Beautifully sunny and warm day with a Small Tortoiseshell on Salvia at the front and in the back garden, a Comma butterfly on Verbena bonariensis.

I think that this Comma butterfly is quite hard to see in this photograph - note how the colour of the underside of the wings is like the colour of the dead flowerhead.

Saturday, September 4

The sun continues to shine on my break from hospital. Saw a Comma in the back garden earlier but it was too wary to be photographed. Several Whites about including a Small White butterfly in this photograph:

Spotted a Painted Lady butterfly in the front garden resting on a Hebe.

My family have mown the front grass just once or twice in the last 6 weeks; the grass has grown well because of all the rain! The garden has developed a certain "jungle like" style which seems to find favour with one of our neighbours:

It's back to the hospital again tomorrow so I shall make the most of the last bit of sunshine today.....

Wednesday, September 1

Not a cloud in the sky this morning. By lunchtime there were several butterflies in the garden. Saw a Small Tortoiseshell resting on Helenium, plus Comma, Painted Lady and more than one Green-veined White feeding on Verbena bonariensis.

This afternoon, we went to the International Festival of Gardens at Westonbirt. I saw a Brimstone and several Speckled Wood butterflies fly past. There were plenty of butterfly attracting plants but no butterflies.

I admire the way the "Otherworld Garden" connects with the trees of the arboretum. My favourite garden is "Time Looms" where the planting has now matured - but no butterflies. Found a few butterflies eventually in the "Red Cabbage Garden" where Verbena bonariensis is the main plant.

I found a couple of Painted Lady butterflies here together with a Small Tortoiseshell and a Comma. Enjoyed my afternoon out in the September sunshine.